Raw Materials Used

The conversion of agro-industrial residues or byproducts to high-value molecules and utilization of low-cost sources of carbon as raw material for our Bacillus subtilis bio-factory are the fundamental bases of our company. The following is our portfolio of derivatives and/or residues tested as successful raw materials for B. subtilis fermentation:

Raw glycerin

Application of our bioplastic production Technology to consume this feedstock from Biofuel Industry;


Biodiesel bubbles

Corn Vinasse

Evaluation of Vinasse from ethanol production from corn as B. subtilis culture medium;




Tests with Whey from Milk Industry as carbon source for B. subtilis and similar species;

Milking yard

Cheese Production

Vinasse and derivates from sugar cane mills

Assays with Vinasse and its derivatives (Molasses, sugar liquor) from alcoholic fermentation process of sugar factories as growth medium for B. subtilis and production of biodegradable polymers;

Sugar Cane


Hydrolyzed Collagen

Assays with Hydrolyzed Collagen from tanneries as carbon source for B. subtilis strains producing biopolymers;




Lactic acid production by B. subtilis from Lemnas (water lentils) starch.

Lemnas / Water lentils

Lemnas / Water lentils

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