Fermentation Platform

Capabilities and Services

The platform has shakers with temperature control from 10 to 60 °C for batch cultures from 5 to 5000 mL. Also, it has two New Brunswick Bio-Reactors with fermentation capacity from 1 to 6 L. They have sensors and controllers of temperature, pH, foam level and % of dissolved oxygen (DO). Also, they count with bubble aeration and mixing (from 50 to 1200 rpm) coupled with % of DO. They can perform fermentations of several ways: batch, fed-batch, fed by peristaltic pump with flow rate constant, variable, coupled with % of DO, pH, etc.

During these fermentation processes, we are able to monitoring a lot of variables: growth curve, CFU (Colony-Forming Unit), consumption of carbon source, yield, etc. Besides this, we can perform a metabolic characterization of the full process through our Metabolomics Platform analysis.

Our area has the typical equipment of a microbiology laboratory: microscopes, centrifuges, spectrophotometer, laminar flow, etc.  


  • Development and/or set-up of fermentation processes of microorganisms for the production of biomolecules, soil inoculants, etc.

  • Evaluation of potential raw materials for using as carbon source in fermentations.

The by-products and/or agro-industrial residues containing organic load can be re-used in fermentation process in order to bio-convert them in high-value compound and thus improving the relationship environment-industry.

Human Resources

Georgina Reh

Georgina has a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology (Universidad Nacional de Rosario – 2006) and a Ph.D. in Biological Science, specialized in bacterial genetics and physiology (Instituto de Biología Molecular y Celular de Rosario, Universidad Nacional de Rosario – 2013).
She joined Inmet as Responsible Technician in Fermentation area and since November 2016 she leads Metabolic Engineering area. Her main responsibilities are to plan, implement, and coordinate projects involving the production of high-value compounds using bacteria as producer microorganism, in order to get its development and application from lab scale to pilot plant and/or industrial range.

Julieta Colosimo

Julieta is a Chemical Engineer (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Facultad Regional Rosario – 2014) and has more than 6 years of experience in process engineering.
She has recently joined Inmet as Supervisor of Engineering & Process area, and her principal role consists in drive to industrial scale the production and purification processes developed in a lab scale.

Andrés Lescano

Andrés is a Microbiology & Biotechnology Technician (Instituto Superior Particular Incorporado 9009, San Juan Bautista de La Salle de Rosario – from 2012).
He originally joined INDEAR in 2012 as Junior Technician in the Platform of Plant Transformation & Tissue Culture.
In 2015 he joined Inmet as an Assistant Technician for Fermentation area. His most important job is executing tests to provide raw data to different lines of research in the company. He collaborates on the planning of experimental industrial plant scale trials. He also writes technical reports for the area. He has recently promoted to a Responsible Technician position.

Magali Rubiglio

Magali is a Genetics Technician (Instituto Superior de Tecnologías Médicas – 2017).
She started working in INDEAR in 2016 as a Trainee and later as a Junior Technician in the Platform of Molecular Biology.
Since October 2020, she is working as Junior Technician in Inmet. Her activities are based on continuously monitoring the several variables during microorganism growth in laboratory scale fermentation assays.

For Bio-Transformations / Fermentation Services:
Gustavo E. Schujman, PhD
Business Unit Manager
[email protected]

For Bio-Transformations / Fermentation Services:
Georgina Reh, PhD
Metabolic Engineering Leader
[email protected]

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